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(owner, William Towson of Tampa)
“I have owned this car twice, this time for 36 years. Bought the Corvette in 1977 but soon had to sell it (got married) to a close friend to buy my first house. He did not have a clue how to take care of it let alone work on it. As such, my friend basically destroyed the car within three years. The motor was blown up, paint was peeling off in sheets and a family of squirrels had taken residence. The little guys ate the wiring, carpet and most of the upholstery.
Since then, except for body work and paint, I have been working on upgrading the roadster as time and finances permit. Now that the car is somewhat presentable, I have displayed it in several car shows with significant success.
Listed are some of the items replaced or restored:
Installed a 327 engine bored .030 over, SS crank, rods and pistons with chrome moly rings. Crane cam, fuel-injected heads, SS headers, MSD ignition, 780 Holley dual feed carb and an Edelbrock EPS dual plane manifold. The exhaust is 2.5 inches passing through off-road Chevrolet side pipes. Cooling is provided by a BE 3 core aluminum radiator with an electric fan by Derele. All connected to aluminum Powerglide transmission with a shift kit and a 456 rear gear. The motor is blueprinted and balanced. The brake rotors were drilled and slotted, and calipers were machined with SS inserts. The car now has American Racing black chrome wheels.
The body received custom upgrades such as lipping the fenders and lowering the car by 2 inches. The paint is a two-part eggshell white with three sanded and buffed base and clear coats. The convertible top cover was restored with Mercedes twill. All the outside trim has been replaced.”